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One fine morning I started my hectic day working in the office as I had an early morning shift which starts at 6:30 am. It was a vacation for my child. My kid as always wanted to explore some new places just like how her friend does. As I and my husband were busy with our schedules we couldn't plan up any. After my shift when I reached home at 4:00 pm, I got a call to my landline. It was Akanksha, one of my best friend. The coincidence was that my kid and her kid are also studying in the same class.

“Hey Akanksha! How are you?” I asked.

“I am fine. How are the vacations going on?” she said

“No specific plan as such. I and my husband are packed up with our own work. My kid wants to roam and we have no plans as of now, but why are you asking?” I was a bit amazed.

“We are going on an outing next week. The plan is to visit Ranganathittu on the 1st day and stay at Ooty for 2 days, visit the places around Ooty and also explore Kodaikanal for 2days. On the 5th day, we would reach back to Bangalore. You people must join us, plan your leave for 5 days and let's explore” she said.

When I discussed this tour plan with Shyam, he was very keen to visit these places and enjoy. He immediately applied for leave and even asked me to! Both of us applied for 6 days leave and surprised our child too. Our kid Misha was also very happy listening to this. We called Akanksha and said “YES” to the trip. Akanksha was also happy as it would make a grand get-together.

Day 1

We started our journey early morning at 6:00 AM from our house. I and Shyam along with Misha left to Akanksha’s house in our Innova. We picked Akanksha, Arun and their kid Aarya. As Shyam loves driving, we would surely reach Ranganathittu within 2 hours. We took the NICE road to reach the Bangalore-Mysore expressway. The weather was also pleasant. Our plan was to have our breakfast at “Vattika Vegetarian Restaurant”. This is one of our favorite places but it is always crowded. The ambiance here is excellent. It reminds me of the famous Indian Television series and takes me back to the fond memories. As the restaurant also has an open space, we planned to sit outside. Misha and Aarya started playing around on the lawns. The food was also amazing. We continued our journey to Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary after the breakfast and reached at 9:30 AM.

Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary:

This bird sanctuary is spread across the area of 40acres. As we reached this place early, we got enough space for parking our car easily. Arun was more excited than anybody else as he had bought his new DSLR. The best time to visit this place is from 9 am to 11 am. The time we reached here was perfect and there was no much crowd as well. This is the largest bird sanctuary in the state. As it was a vacation we could see many tourists. The island here has numerous mammals and variety of birds. The boat ride here is amazing. We went on a boat ride to experience the beauty of this destination. We could see a wide variety of birds flapping their wings. The boatman helped us to identify many unknown species such as black-headed ibis, common spoonbill, heron, Indian Shag, Asian openbill stork and many more. The price for boating is Just Rs.50 for adults and Rs.25 for kids. As the weather was also calm we had a wonderful time on a boat ride. We happily clicked some group pictures and continued our journey. It was the time for us to reach Ooty.

All of us were hungry and it was the time to have lunch. We had our lunch at the Kamat Madhuvan and continued our journey. We reached Ooty in the evening and as planned we booked a cottage for 2days which was “Mountain Top Holiday Cottage”.

Day 2:

The view from the room was truly magnificent. This place was away from the crowd and was also very peaceful. As all of us wanted to get rid of work and those busy schedules, this was the perfect destination for all of us. The food here was also mouth-watering. We spent one full day at the cottage. Our family spent good quality time at night on the terrace as the view was mesmerizing. Our kids had lots of fun in the open area which was very safe. You would just want to relax here and go nowhere since there was no need to plan for any sightseeing as the place itself had a breathtaking view.

Day 3:

The next day we decided to visit the Botanical Garden. We reached this place and spent more than half a day here. This is a very nice place to spend time with friends or family. The park was very clean and beautiful with its amazing greenery. There were few shops for shopping that are available inside and also to eat some snacks. There was also a small ice-cream truck. Eating ice-cream in this cold weather is another way to have some thrill and this is what we did!

We could also see a wide variety of cactus, flowers and other trees. Arun clicked pictures of many flowers and showed his photography skills. I and Akanksha sat here on the lawn and started talking about our old memories. We had visited this place when we were studying in Std 12th for our college trip. Arun again clicked few group pictures and it was the time for us to leave that place and proceed our journey. We all had Hyderabadi Biryani for lunch at a well-known restaurant and continued our journey to the most awaiting place Kodaikanal.

It was a journey of 6hours and we decided to get some snacks while traveling. We started our journey at 3:00 PM and reached Kodaikanal at 9:00 PM. Our kids fell asleep while traveling. The weather was too cold with the temperature of 12degree celsius. All of us were hungry. We stayed at the “Sterling Kodai Valley”. We had an amazing dinner here. The quality of food was good and worth the price. I and Akanksha left our kids inside the room with our husbands and went for a walk in this cold climate. Our talks were never ending!

Day 4:

The next morning we had our complimentary breakfast here and decided to visit the Kodaikanal Lake. There was a horse riding just outside the lake. We first rode the horse for 10minutes and then entered the beautiful star-shaped lake. We sat on a boat ride and the lake was wonderful with some very scenic views. I felt like a true heaven when we reached the middle of the lake. We had a lot of fun in this paddling boat as it had offered a breathtaking view of the city.
Our next destination was to visit the Pillar Rocks Viewpoint. The entrance fees were just Rs.5. When we reached this place, the rocks were covered with clouds. It is one of the beautiful places where you could see yourself in the cloud. After some group pictures, the place started getting brighter and we could see the great view. There are three rocks which are standing like pillars and this provides an amazing scenic view. This place is not safe for kids as there is a slippery edge.
We then had our lunch at one of the amazing restaurants near the lake and reached the Silver Cascade Falls. This is situated on the side of the Kodai main road. Many tourists can be seen here as this is one of the main tourist attraction. This waterfall is worth seeing and cannot be missed. As the current was too strong the entrance was locked and we could not reach the bottom of the falls. All of us were tired by then and reached back to our Sterling Valley. We reached the hotel at 5:00 PM. Kids were also tired. We had some spicy snacks in the cold weather and relaxed our day. We even asked the manager of Sterling Valley to arrange for a campfire at night.

The campfire was arranged well and we asked the waiter to get few non-veg starters to eat. We sat in front of the campfire and played Anthyakshari for about 1hour. All of us had a lot of fun sitting in front of a campfire in this cool weather. Arun started singing and Shyam started to dance in front of the campfire. As kids wanted to sleep, we had to reach the room soon. We reached our respective rooms at 11:00 PM.

Day 5:

The vacation had come to an end and this was the last day to have fun. We ate our breakfast here and
started our journey to Bangalore at 9:00 AM. As it was a heavy breakfast and 8hours of a long journey, our kids fell asleep, Shyam and Arun were busy eating snacks while traveling, none of us were hungry. We stopped at Madduru for snacks. All of us like the famous Maddur Vada here. The savor of having the Vada here is truly mouth-watering. We continued our journey to Bangalore after some light snacks. When we almost reached Bangalore at 7:00 PM, there was a huge block due to the accident. The road cleared up after an hour. We had our dinner at Meghana Foods and reached Akanksha’s place at 10:30 PM. I thanked Akanksha for planning up such a wonderful trip with us. She was happy too. We then concluded our 5days of the amazing trip with the wonderful family. It was an amazing journey and another memory was added, as it created a memorable trip. We even decided to plan for such wonderful trip every year to create more beautiful memories. The 5days of the wonderful trip had come to an end and we again started with our daily routine the next day.