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Bangalore to Chitradurga Taxi Service

Bangalore to Chitradurga Route

Chitradurga is locally known as Durga. This place is located in the valleys of the Vedavati River. This region is closely associated with Mahabharata. Chitradurga is a well-known place in the Karnataka State. Chitradurga has a rich heritage and is related to the legendary Onake Obavva. This place features bold rock hills, huge towering boulders in numerous shapes and picturesque valleys. This historical place is located at a distance of 200 kms from Bangalore. The fastest route to reach this place from Bangalore by taxi service is Nelamangala – Tumakuru – Hiriyur – Chitradurga. The very popular Chitradurga Fort that is also called as "Kallina Kote" is located at this place and this is a well-known tourist spot in Karnataka. There are no direct buses to reach this place from Bangalore and the nearest airport to reach Chitradurga is the Bangalore International Airport itself. The nearest railway station is situated on a branch line that originates from Chikjajur. This place has limited train services. Hence it is always safe and comfortable to hire a taxi while traveling to Chitradurga from Bangalore. It is essential to know few benefits before you hire a taxi service.

Introducing Chitradurga

Chitradurga is one of the popular historical places of Karnataka State. The place is known for historical and archeological monuments of pre-historic period. Chitradurga derives its name from Chitrakaldurga. The place was named after an umbrella-shaped hill found here. This district was practically ruled by all the well-known dynasties that ruled Karnataka. The whole district lies in the valley of the Vedavathi River and the Tungabhadra River flowing in the Northwest. The town is known for its stone fortresses. The beauty of nature attracts tourists from all over the globe. There are several places not to be missed that would ultimately feast your eyes and soul too.

  1. Chitradurga Fort: Chitradurga is known for its popular "Chitradurga Fort". The name of the fort, when translated in Kannada, means "Kallina Kote"(the picturesque fort). The story of Onake Obavva highlights in the history of Chitradurga fort. The fort was built in stages between the 11th and 13th centuries by various dynasties including Rashtrakutas, Hoysalas, Chalukyas and the Nayakas of Chitradurga during the 17th century. The fort was built using the granite stone which is the popular tourist spot in Karnataka.

  2. Ankali Mutt: This place is located at a distance of about 3 kms from the main city that is nestled among a group of rugged hills. This Mutt is also called as Pradeshappana Guhe and is a famous ancient monastery, nearby which lies the Panchalingeshwara Cave temple under massive boulders. This Mutt is semilunar in shape that is located between the two giant monolithic rocks. There is also a lake that adds to the beauty of this cave temple. This Mutt that is built in the gap of rocks is a must-see place when visited Chitradurga.

  3. Adumalleshwara Temple: This beautiful temple was built by Aadooru Mallapa that is located around 5kms from Chitradurga. This is a Shiva Cave Temple. You can either drive or trek down to reach this amazing place. This temple is also a home to several animals. The temple consists of a small zoo including few animals and birds such as Cheetah, tiger, rabbit, peacock, crocodile, bear and many more. There is also a pond opposite to the temple that consists of many big fishes. It is always the best option to visit this place in the monsoon season as the whole place would be misty and beautiful.

  4. Vani Vilas Sagar Dam: This Dam is located near Hiriyur Taluk at a distance of 55kms from Chitradurga. This Dam is popularly known as Mari Kanive is the oldest Dam in the state. This dam provides water to a lot of surrounding cities, town and villages. The Dam was built by Mysore Maharajas pre-independence across River Vedavathi. Vani Vilas Sagar Dam is the biggest man-made reservoir in Asia. This Dam is higher than KRS Dam of Mysore. This Dam has been a popular picnic weekend spot for all the tourists.

  5. Nayakanahatti Temple: This temple is located away from the main city at a distance of 35kms. The temple is dedicated to the popular sage Thipperudraswamy. The Samadhi of this sage is also located here. Every year in the month of Phalgun an annual fair and Yatra is organized. This fair and Yatra is attended by tourists from various places across the nation.

There are many other places to explore and not to be missed such as Ekanatheshwari Temple, Tuppada Kola, Kamana Baavi, Obavvana Kindi, Battery-The watchpoint, Hiriyur and many more.

Best time to visit Chitradurga

It is always good to visit any tourist place when the weather is mild and calm. The best time to visit Chitradurga is in the month of October to March. The weather is satisfying in these months and is also attracted by many tourists due to its pleasant weather.

Must to do things at Chitradurga

Do not forget to climb the rock to get the bird's eye view of the town.

  • Visit Adumalleshwara Temple by trek as the trek is simple and this can also be planned by a beginner if he is adventurous.

Important things for Bangalore to Chitradurga trip

  • Make sure you do not carry any luggage while climbing the rock as a very small bag would also be heavy when you go for a trek while you are walking through the steep. Wear comfortable flat shoes.

  • Carry a lot of water as you are bound to get thirsty while climbing this fort.

  • As the weather is hot at this place, carry necessary lotions, comfortable cotton clothes, goggles, sunscreen lotion and other mandatory items.

  • Hire a guide while you visit the historical places as these tourist guides would explain you more about its history.

Why hire a taxi for Bangalore to Chitradurga trip?

Bangalore taxi services provide 24hours of the facility for the pickup and the drop facility. As there is no nearby railway station or the airport at Chitradurga, it is always good to hire a taxi service for a convenient journey. The taxi services are backed by location tracking which provides quicker pickup and faster response time for any drop facility. Taxi drivers also have an extended knowledge of any city as these drivers are well-experienced and verified before they serve the customers. It is necessary to know few advantages of hiring a taxi service.

  1. Privacy: While traveling in a taxi service you would have your own privacy by asking the driver to stop at few amazing destination via Bangalore-Chitradurga route. There are several beautiful destinations for memorable photographs and few delicious foods too. This advantage cannot be used by any other mode of transport as the public transport has limited stops and they do not stop at the customer's wish.

  2. Convenience: The Bangalore taxi drivers are designed to suit the customer's personal transportation needs. The drivers would do the driving, all you need to do is enjoy your ride without worrying about the traffic hassles such as the parking problems, traffic jam, fees, traffic rules and regulations and such other concerns.

  3. Verified drivers: As the well-experienced drivers would do the driving, the customer need not worry about any traffic problems. All you need to do is to book a taxi online with necessary details such as your name, pickup address etc and the customer support team would make necessary arrangements for the driver to reach your destination within time. The driver would start the customer's trip and ensures to reach the destination safe and sound.

Reliable taxi service from Bangalore to Chitradurga route

If you are looking for a taxi service for local or outstation use, for business or for vacation purpose, at the most affordable price with the best quality service, Bestotours in Bangalore is the most trusted taxi service by its customers. These taxi services have the facility to lift you up whatever point of destination it is, you don’t need to stress on anything about your journey as these taxi services would take care of all the trouble. All you need to do is enjoy your ride by relaxing in the cab reach the destination and make it a memorable vacation. Bestotours are available round the clock service and as such, you can even plan your trip with friends or family early in the morning at 3AM. The customer would worry about the safety. As said, Bestotours takes care of the customer and they also have GPS tracking facility. The customer support team would keep an eye on these cabs and the team is also available to the customer anytime they need help.

Hiring a taxi service from the Bestotours has many advantages. Bestotours provide transparent billing to the customers. This means the entire breakup of the bill is explained and given to the customer without any hidden charges. They give high priority to the customer satisfaction. Bestotours have reputed taxi drivers who would help you explore amazing destinations from the place wherever you are planning for your trip. These taxi drivers know all the roads as they are experienced and are verified before they serve the customers. Bestotours have all the facility of payment options so that it does not trouble the customer. They also have pocket friendly rides to their regular customers and also for a large number of people planning for the trip. Hence Bestotours satisfies the customer with all his needs as they want the customer to stay happy and enjoy their ride.

Why choose Bestotours?

  • Well-maintained vehicles: Safety is the main concern for Bestotours. Each cab coming under the fleet of Bestotours should pass a mechanical inspection and a cosmetic inspection once a year. Bestotours also provide for a clean and well-maintained taxi service to their customers.

  • Customized packages: Bestotours also offer the best packages at the most affordable price to their customers.

  • Customer Support: As the name says, Bestotours provide the best service at the best price. The customer support team is always available round the clock to solve your problems. All you need to do is contact 080 3951 2888 and the team would be available to challenge these problems.

Bangalore to Chitradurga Taxi Rental Options

We, Besto Tours, are well-known for our affordable Bangalore to Chitradurga cab services with transparent billing and no extra hidden charges. You will not find as competitive and affordable as we are in this industry.

We have a variety of cars from which one can choose to book a taxi from Bangalore to Chitradurga. Some of the popular car models include Indica, Etios, Innova, Tempo Traveller and other luxury cars. You can select any car as per your requirement. The table below highlights the various car model options available and their rates which you can choose for Bangalore to Chitradurga cab booking.

Cabs Per km
Dzire Ac 4 + 1 Seater ₹ 8.00
Etios Ac 4 + 1 Seater ₹ 8.00
Xylo Non Ac 6 + 1 Seater ₹ 10.00
Xylo Ac 6 + 1 Seater ₹ 11.00
Innova Ac 7 + 1 Seater ₹ 11.50
Traveller Non Ac 12 + 1 Seater ₹ 13.00
Traveller Non Ac 13 + 1 Seater ₹ 13.50
Innova Crysta Ac 7 + 1 Seater ₹ 14.00
Tempo Traveller Ac 12 + 1 Seater ₹ 15.00
Traveller Ac 13 + 1 Seater ₹ 15.00
Mini Bus Non Ac 21 + 1 Seater ₹ 22.00
Mini Bus Ac 21 + 1 Seater ₹ 24.00
*Price as on 12-nov-2019 and it may vary, so please input the dates to find the exact amount.

Bangalore to Chitradurga By Car

The distance between Bangalore and Chitradurga is about 203km and if you choose to go by road then it will take 3 hours 22 minutes to cover this distance. If you choose to ride with us, we will ensure your journey will be comfortable and safe. You can tell the driver to pull over anywhere anytime you want to take lunch or tea during this long-distance journey on road. Take a break for a while and start your journey again. Our website is India's online marketplace of taxi operators where you can book a taxi online in only few steps. Start your hassle-free journey by booking a car with us for Bangalore to Chitradurga journey. Choose Besto Tours and book Bangalore to Chitradurga cabs to cover the distance in optimal time.

Bangalore to Chitradurga Car Package

Besto Tours offers various budget-friendly Bangalore to Chitradurga Car Packages for our customers. You can select any of the packages we offer as per your budget. If you want to know further details or have any queries, you can contact our customer care support.

Bangalore Airport to Chitradurga Cabs

You have arrived at Bangalore airport and you have traveled from a long distance and you are too exhausted but don’t know how to reach Chitradurga safely and timely? Besto Tours will help you to make your Bangalore to Chitradurga journey smoother and comfortable. You just need to book our cab and need to put pick up location as Bangalore airport, That's all it takes and Your cab will have arrived on time.

One out of three of our customers use our last mile airport connectivity and convenience to reach the most remote parts of the country without any hassles.

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