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Bangalore to Hampi Taxi Service

Bangalore to Hampi Route

An exceptional trip to Hampi from Bangalore is one of the perfect ways to spend your short vacation. This place is one of the historical delights for travelers. Hampi is situated at a distance of 350 kms from Bangalore. There are no direct buses or train or direct flights while traveling to Hampi from Bangalore. The fastest and the convenient way of traveling to Hampi from Bangalore is by booking a taxi service from Bangalore to Hampi route. It would take 6 and half hours of journey by taxi. As there are no direct flights or bus to Hampi, it would take more than 8hours to reach Hampi from Bangalore. The best route while traveling to Hampi by taxi service from Bangalore is Yeshwanthpur – Tumkur – Chinnappanahalli – Hiriyur – Challakere – Kurekuppa – Hampi. Most of the tourists visit this place to enjoy their vacation. This place is famous for its massive, beautifully carved temples. Devotees and tourists visit this place not only to worship but also to explore the stunning carvings.

Why hire a taxi for Bangalore to Hampi trip?

Bangalore to Hampi is an excellent heritage weekend gateway. As there are no direct flights, buses and train, traveling to Hampi by taxi service are an excellent and the cheapest option. You can also search for the best cars depending on your budget and also the number of people traveling. You can ask your driver to stop at some amazing restaurants or few best destinations in between while traveling to Hampi by taxi service. This is not possible by public transport. There are many benefits if you hire a taxi service while traveling to Hampi from Bangalore.

  1. Experienced drivers: If you plan to drive on your own, there is a possibility of the person driving the car gets tired while he reaches the destination. This would spoil your mood and journey too. Since you are traveling to an unknown place, there is a possibility of not knowing the traffic and also going in the wrong direction. It is good to travel by taxi with experienced and professional drivers. This would automatically save your time and would free you from all these hassles.

  2. Anytime service: These taxis are available at all the seven days. This means the taxis would be available at any time you plan a vacation. You just need to book a taxi online with the desired location and the driver would reach your destination within few minutes.

  3. Reasonable: The taxi services are the most affordable form of transportation. The drivers would provide you the entire breakup of the taxi fare without any hidden charges. The taxi services would have a wide variety of vehicles from economy class to luxury class and would also provide you with the option of A/C and Non-A/C. These taxi services provide the best journey at an affordable price.

Introducing Hampi

Hampi is a small village and a temple town in Karnataka is one of richest historical places. Hampi was initially the capital of historical Vijayanagara Dynasty. Many villages are surrounded by this historical site. The main source of income at Hampi is the Agriculture. Hampi is surrounded by the multiple numbers of amazing monuments, bustling street markets, beautiful temples, the stunning carving etc. Hampi was also one of the richest cities in the world when it was at its peak. Hampi was listed under the UNESCO World Heritage Site which was known as “The Group of Monuments at Hampi”. People who visit Hampi are those people who love history and architecture. It is no surprise that Hampi is the most famous place for tourists and this place is been visited by people from all over the world. There is always an enormous crowd of tourists while visited Hampi. It is very important to know few stunning places that are not to be missed while traveling to Hampi

  1. Virupaksha temple: This eye-catching temple is located on the banks of Tungabhadra River. This beautiful and architecturally rich Hampi temple is one of the most popular destinations visited by all the tourists if visited Hampi. This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is believed to be one of the oldest temples in India. Since this temple is also a part of UNESCO World Heritage Site, there is no doubt that the charm and the beauty of this temple are still eye catchy. The stunning three Gopuras and also a big high tower that stands at a height of 160 feet is the fascinating part of this temple. The temple also has an elephant called as Lakshmi.

  2. Hampi Bazaar: This is also known as Virupaksha Bazaar as it facing the Virupaksha temple. There is a wide range of artifacts such as shawls, bags, antique coins etc. As such there are many tourists seen here.

  3. Queen’s bath: It is believed that the pool used to be filled with fragrant water and flowers in the ancient times. This was for the Royal bath for the Queen’s during the times of the Vijayanagara Empire. It was built in such a way that no outsiders could enter the bath. But this is an empty brick-lined pool structure now. The entire building is designed in the Indo-Saracen style of architecture. There is a small garden outside the Queen’s bath which serves as the excellent picnic spot even today.

  4. Matanga hill: This is one of the highest peaks at Hampi. Matanga hill is an ideal spot for sunrise and sunset when visited Hampi. Matanga hills would definitely leave a trace in your heart. This place is more fun if you plan a trek with friends. You would feel the thrill as you try some adventurous treks here. When you reach the top of Matanga hills you would witness the beauty of the whole region. This place has a mesmerizing view. As such this hill would remain as one of the favorites for the photography lovers.

  5. Lotus Mahal: This is one of the best architectural designed palaces that is uniquely identified by its lotus look like structure. This is the most beautiful and very popular building inside the Zenana Enclosure in Hampi. The original reason for the use of this historical palace is still unknown. It is believed that this was used as a cultural place where some regional forms of dances were performed.

  6. Underground temple: This is one of the oldest temples that is dedicated to Lord Shiva. This temple is situated many meters below the ground level. The sanctum and the main parts of the temple are submerged in water most of the time. There is a small Shivalinga here. It is one of the popular temples that are visited by tourists on their vacation. There is also a water canal system that is visible around the main temple. As this canal is dry now, you can walk down to the point. This the one of the less crowd and the most peaceful location at Hampi.

Beat season to visit Hampi

The climate of Hampi from March to June remains humid and hot in summer which could reach up to 41 degree Celsius. It is advised to plan a trip to Hampi from October to February. The temperature would be pleasant and the maximum temperature during these months would be 20 degree Celsius. If the visitors plan a trip during these months, they would also be lucky to see the religious Hindu festivals organized by the temple.

Must to do things in Hampi

  • You can hire a bicycle from the local vendors for Rs.60-90 per day and roam the whole Hampi. As Hampi is not a very big city, it is fun to ride a bicycle here. You can also hire and ride a moped here for Rs.150 per day which is more fun.

  • There is some interesting stuff to shop at the Hampi Bazaar. Do some shopping for small items at the Hampi Bazaar.

  • Watch the sunset from the Monkey temple by climbing the Anjaneya hills. There are many steps to reach the Anjaneya hills, but it is worth the climb.

Important tips for Bangalore to Hampi trip

  • It is advised not to visit Hampi during April- June. The weather would be too hot. Even if visited during these months, wear cotton clothes.

  • Plan for a trip to Hampi at least for 3-4 days, as 1 day is not enough to explore the beauty of Hampi.

  • Your camera is a must here as there are many places to click some beautiful pictures.

Looking for a reliable Taxi service for you Bangalore to Hampi trip?

If you are looking for the best and reliable service for Bangalore to Hampi trip, then BestoTours is the renowned taxi service that provides 24hours of taxi facility. BestoTours always serves the best when it comes to the service. The customer support team are also very helpful and excellent. The drivers at the BestoTours are professionals and are also very experienced. BestoTours offer excellent car rental services, bus rental services, Tempo traveler services to customers.The customers can decide the type of vehicle according to the number of people traveling and also as per their budget. You can avail cab services from BestoTours as well as customized packages. The drivers at the BestoTours are given the best training before they serve the customers. There are a 1 way trip as well as 2 ways. You can also avoid booking the cab for the return journey if you haven’t planned. The objective of the BestoTours is to offer the best service to the customers.

Why choose BestoTours?

  • Flexible payment options: BestoTours offers the payment option through online as well as through hard cash. This would be easy for the customers for payments.

  • Friendly customer support: The support team is very friendly and they also listen to the customer needs because their main intention is the customer satisfaction on a high priority.

  • Affordable: BestoTours offers the pocket-friendly packages to its customers. Everything is clearly stated in a fare breakup without any hidden charges.

Bangalore to Hampi Taxi Rental Options

We, Besto Tours, are well-known for our affordable Bangalore to Hampi cab services with transparent billing and no extra hidden charges. You will not find as competitive and affordable as we are in this industry.

We have a variety of cars from which one can choose to book a taxi from Bangalore to Hampi. Some of the popular car models include Indica, Etios, Innova, Tempo Traveller and other luxury cars. You can select any car as per your requirement. The table below highlights the various car model options available and their rates which you can choose for Bangalore to Hampi cab booking.

Cabs Per km
Dzire Ac 4 + 1 Seater ₹ 8.00
Etios Ac 4 + 1 Seater ₹ 8.00
Xylo Non Ac 6 + 1 Seater ₹ 10.00
Xylo Ac 6 + 1 Seater ₹ 11.00
Innova Ac 7 + 1 Seater ₹ 11.50
Traveller Non Ac 12 + 1 Seater ₹ 13.00
Traveller Non Ac 13 + 1 Seater ₹ 13.50
Innova Crysta Ac 7 + 1 Seater ₹ 14.00
Tempo Traveller Ac 12 + 1 Seater ₹ 15.00
Traveller Ac 13 + 1 Seater ₹ 15.00
Mini Bus Non Ac 21 + 1 Seater ₹ 22.00
Mini Bus Ac 21 + 1 Seater ₹ 24.00
*Price as on 12-nov-2019 and it may vary, so please input the dates to find the exact amount.

Bangalore to Hampi By Car

The distance between Bangalore and Hampi is about 352km and if you choose to go by road then it will take 6 hours 48 minutes to cover this distance. If you choose to ride with us, we will ensure your journey will be comfortable and safe. You can tell the driver to pull over anywhere anytime you want to take lunch or tea during this long-distance journey on road. Take a break for a while and start your journey again. Our website is India's online marketplace of taxi operators where you can book a taxi online in only few steps. Start your hassle-free journey by booking a car with us for Bangalore to Hampi journey. Choose Besto Tours and book Bangalore to Hampi cabs to cover the distance in optimal time.

Bangalore to Hampi Car Package

Besto Tours offers various budget-friendly Bangalore to Hampi Car Packages for our customers. You can select any of the packages we offer as per your budget. If you want to know further details or have any queries, you can contact our customer care support.

Bangalore Airport to Hampi Cabs

You have arrived at Bangalore airport and you have traveled from a long distance and you are too exhausted but don’t know how to reach Hampi safely and timely? Besto Tours will help you to make your Bangalore to Hampi journey smoother and comfortable. You just need to book our cab and need to put pick up location as Bangalore airport, That's all it takes and Your cab will have arrived on time.

One out of three of our customers use our last mile airport connectivity and convenience to reach the most remote parts of the country without any hassles.

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