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Experience the Serenity of The Madurai Temples Now

Madurai is for the most part favored by journeyrs. The go to goal for sorts of journeyrs, be it family, children and couples, Madurai is, be that as it may, for the most part favored. The best season or months to visit puts in Madurai are February, March, October, November, December. There are 14 vacationer puts in Madurai, which can be investigated by journeyrs. Nearby attractions can be gone by whenever of the day, be it early morning, evening, night or night, as reasonable for explorers. Sightseeing in Madurai should be possible by journeyrs, which will take a large portion of a day or one day, yet to see all sightseeing places, explorers need to remain in Madurai for 2 days to 3 days. From Bangalore you can easily head for Madurai now and for that the cabs services happen to be the best option.

Spots to see in Madurai

Meenakshi Temple

Meenakshi Temple is otherwise called Meenakshi Amman Temple and draws in tourists and pilgrims alike. Committed to Lord Shiva, this temple is named after the deity and goddess Parvati. Sundareswarar implies wonderful Lord Shiva and goddess Parvati is called Meenakshi. As indicated by Hindu folklore, Lord Shiva went by Madurai to wed Parvati since Madurai has been her dwelling place.

The temple complex stretches out finished a zone of 6 hectares and goes back to 2500 AD. The temple is known for its delightful engineering and has 12 passages (Gopurams), which are 45 to 50 meters in stature. The tallest Gopuram of the temple is the southern Gopuram. This portal is as high as nine stories, with pictures of various divine beings and goddesses.

The temple includes 985 pillars and 14 towers, with two towers devoted to the primary divinities. The present structure of the temple has been worked in sixteenth century by Nayak King of Madurai Vishwanatha Nayak. Tourists can likewise get an elevated perspective of the city from the southern Gopuram of the temple.

Tirupparankundram Murugan Temple

Thirupparankundram Murugan Temple is situated at a separation of 8 km from the focal point of Madurai city. A stone cut temple cut out of the mountain is considered as one of the houses Lord Murugan.

Worked in eighth century by Pandya King, the holy place in the temple is removed of a strong shake. The temple houses holy places of Lord Subramanya, Lord Shiva, Lord Vinayaka, Goddess Durga, Lord Vishnu and different gods.

There are number of cubical pillars with lotus medallions at the entrance of temple. The temple has endless buckle places of worship that are little and drew nearer through restricted dim entries. The engravings on the chamber dividers are accepted to go back to the early medieval period.

The temple is a place from where sun and moon can be seen together at various circumstances of the day. This temple is viewed as heavenly to conduct relational unions, as it is trusted that marriage of Lord Subramanya was praised in this temple.

Alagar Koil

Alagar Koil is a temple arranged in the adjacent hills, around 20 km towards the north of Madurai. This temple is committed to Lord Vishnu and involves three havens of reducing size holding the icon of Lord Vishnu. The temple is known for its intricate stone carvings and sculptures. It is trusted that Lord Vishnu dwells in this temple as Meenakshi's sibling Azhagar.

The statue is cut out of a stone and is a perfect work of art. The temple additionally houses statues of the lord in different stances. The temple is situated at the highest point of the hills from where a characteristic stream of water runs. The crisp water of this stream is conveyed day by day by the temple minister for Lord Krishna.

Pazhamudhir Solai

Pazhamudhir Solai is a temple arranged near the Alagar Koil temple. Situated on the hills, this temple is devoted to Lord Subramanya. The temple is additionally considered as one of the six homesteads the lord. Lovers visit this temple in extensive number as at night the deity is carried on the brilliant chariot every day. Pilgrims likewise take a plunge in the characteristic spring called Nuburagangai.

The temple houses sculptures of deity cut in wood and marble. One of the features of the temple is the monster steps.

Koodal Azhagar Temple

Koodal Azhagar Temple is devoted to Lord Vishnu. There is an expansive statue of Lord Vishnu, which is cut before the temple. It is accepted to be one of the most seasoned temples of South India. This temple is situated close to the principle transport stop in the focal point of the city.

Moreover, the symbol of lord Vishnu can be found in three distinct positions including sitting, standing and leaning back. The temple likewise comprises of wood carvings which portray Lord Rama's crowning ritual.

Thirumalai Nayak Palace

Thirumalai Nayak Palace was worked in sixteenth century by Nayak ruler Thirumalai Nayak. This palace delineates lovely Indo-Sarcenic architecture. The principle feature of the palace is the light and sound show which depends on the life of Silapathikaram and Tirumalai Nayak.

Originally, the temple was four times greater than what is available today. The palace comprises of 248 pillars, each 58 feet in stature. The roof of the palace has works of art portraying Shaivite and Vaishnavite topics. In addition, the stucco architecture takes a shot at the domes and curves of the palace display building authority.

Besides, things like furniture and utensils utilized by the lords are shown in the palace. The real attractions of the palace are the entrance entryway, moving lobby and the fundamental corridor. The palace was remodeled in 1866-72 by Lord Napier.

Gandhi Museum

Gandhi Museum comprises of memorabilia of Mahatma Gandhi and is one of the five Gandhi Museums in the nation. The museum houses blood recolored dhoti that he was wearing at the season of his death alongside photos of his lifetime.

The museum was before the palace of Rani Mangammal of the Nayak line. It was later changed over into Gandhi Museum by the Gandhi Memorial Trust after the death of Mahatma Gandhi in 1948.

The premises of the museum have a bookshop, which gives a gathering of books on the life and reasoning of Mahatma Gandhi. The museum includes an outside theater which can suit around 8,000 individuals. This venue is utilized to compose social projects, week after week film shows and open gatherings on uncommon events.

St. Mary's Cathedral Church

St. Mary's Cathedral Church is situated on the East Veli Street in Madurai. Arranged inside 2 km towards south-east course of Madurai Railway Station, this church is one of the most seasoned Roman Catholic churches in India. It pulls in heaps of tourists inferable from its European and Continental style architecture.

The church includes chime towers which are Roman in style and are 42 m high. Besides, it was found in the year 1840 and committed to Viagulamatha, who was known as Viagulamatha Koil.

The church was reconstructed again in 1916 and in 1938 the religious administrator's position of authority was introduced. The church was raised to the status of cathedral in 1969.

Vaigai Dam

It is the wonderful and characteristic sightseeing. It is the dam which is seen like the regular habitat. Which will give a water to town whenever, it gives the crisp sightseeing. Gives you the best involvement out of world which make the lovely photos of the nature.

Vandiyur Mariamman Teppakulam

Vandiyur Mariamman Teppakulam is a tremendous square tank which covers a region of 16 sections of land. Worked in 1646 by Thirumalai Nayak, this tank is found 5 km east of the Meenakshi Temple. The focal point of the tank holds a symbol of Lord Vinayaka or Vigneshwara, which is introduced on a stage.

As per legend, the place was discovered when the earth was burrowed to make bricks for developing Thirumalai Nayakar Mahal. The place was changed over into a tank and was committed to lord Ganesha.

This tank fills in as the site of yearly Teppakulam Float Festival, which is commended in the long stretches of January and February. Besides, it is one of the real tourist attractions as it is the biggest temple tank in Tamil Nadu. It is said that the lake get its water from River Vaigai.

Kazimar Big Mosque and Maqbara

Kazimar Big Mosque and Maqbara is arranged at a separation of a kilometer from the Madurai Railway Junction and inside 500 m of the Periyar transport stand. This mosque was built in thirteenth century by Hazrat Kazi Syed Tajuddin, who originated from Oman. He had gotten this real estate parcel from Pandya lord, Kulasekara Pandya.

The mosque is famously known as Periya Pallivasal, which means the Big Mosque, which can suit around 2,500 individuals. The Maqbara, which is the dargah of relatives of Prophet Muhammad, is situated inside the premises of the mosque.

Going to Madurai

Fundamental methods of transport for journeyrs are via air and via prepare. Madurai has a domestic airplane terminal which has day by day flights to Madras.Madurai is likewise all around associated via trains to real urban communities of India like Chennai , Bangalore, Mumbai , and Delhi. The city is likewise all around associated by transports to every single real city in Tamil Nadu through state government worked and private transports. Transports additionally drive from imperative urban communities in the neighboring conditions of Kerala and Karnataka(Bangalore, Mysore). One can pick between A/C and non A/C semi extravagance transports.

There are transport options from the majority of the real urban communities in South India. NH 44 prompts the city. Madurai is very much associated with all parts of South India. The city has 5 noteworthy transport remains, from where you can get a transport to practically every city in Tamil Nadu.The cabs service happens to be the perfect specially when you get to somewhere.

Things to Do in Madurai

Once your reach Madurai from Bagalore, there are a lot of things that you can do. If you have the right cabs service with you then you can be sure to get the best deals with the activities.

  • For starters, the streets prompting the Meenakshi Amman temple are flawlessly outlined with the end goal that, In case you are dropped anyplace in the core of the town, you can stroll in an arbitrary way as it will at last prompt the temple. From that point, you can follow your way to your goal effortlessly.

  • Choose to enter the Meenakshi temple through the north entryway entrance particularly in the mornings. It is the minimum swarmed one. The east and south will be stuffed in light of the fact that they are viewed as propitious.

  • There is significantly more to Madurai than just temples. It is known as a city that never dozes ('Thoonganagaram') inferable from its numerous organizations that stay round the clock. It is moderately protected on this record. In any case, there is no night life in that capacity and it is better not to meander/shop amid late night hours.

  • Madurai is a politically dynamic zone for some gatherings, so it isn't abnormal to confront movement preoccupations and market close downs once in a while.

  • The city gets sweltering and dusty amid crest summer. Trivial robberies and pick-stashing happens in swarmed areas – as with most cabtling journey goals, be wary!

  • Beware of aides, a large number of whom are or claim to be tailors who offer a visit to the material shops to have the best perspective of the temple. It is conceivable this could be an approach to motivate you to take a gander at and constrain you to purchase products in that shop.

  • What rocks the most in Madurai is the sustenance. You can visit the city just to eat. It is in certainty very difficult to choose where to start depicting sustenance in Madurai. You begin a run of the mill day with steaming-hot quill delicate idlis and fresh darker dosas from any of the a large number of roadside restaurants. Skip drinking water at these asphalt joints however.

  • Madurai is encompassed by piles of historic significance and social significance – Nagamalai, Yaanaimalai, Samanarmalai to give some examples. The city's edges are a stone rich asset. Other than picturesque spots for a drive, they likewise offer marvelous perspectives of the city.

  • Considered a noteworthy material focus, Madurai is well known for its cotton fabrics and batiks. Numerous roads are fixed with shops offering fabrics and instant apparel and adornments. It is a perfect place to get a portion of the conventional specialty results of Tamil Nadu.

  • Madurai's bullion bazaar is Asia's biggest. You can discover various shops beginning from little gold merchants to enormous marked showrooms.

  • Madurai's Gandhi Museum has the dress with blood recolors that Gandhiji wore when he was shot. It is in this city that Gandhiji swung to simplicity in outfit, i.e. not wearing a shirt and to wearing Khadi garments. Rani Mangammal's palace was transformed into the Gandhi museum.

  • The temple city is a center point of the South Indian workmanship and culture – from Tamil Nadu as well as the whole South Indian area. Being an observer to the development of Carnatic music from the sixteenth century, the city brags of a rich inheritance of music with acclaimed Carnatic performers like the unbelievable M.S.Subbulakshmi and Madurai Mani Iyer. Take in a temple show in this old city.

  • There is a popular saying in Madurai, "Even a jackass which meanders around Madurai will never leave the city!" obviously, it has next to zero infrastructure in correlation with the significant metros and water scarcity exists at specific circumstances, close by different issues, for example, awful streets, control disappointments et cetera. Be that as it may, these are tiny when contrasted with what it offers – the fun, heavenly nature, happiness, and a sort of fulfillment you get on going to my Madurai.


Hotels in Madurai:


There are various hotels in Madurai which can turn out to be great settlement alternatives. A portion of the great hotels in the city are:


  • Best Western Germanus Hotel


It is a three-star cabiness-class hotel and is situated at a separation of 1 km from the railroad station and the city transport stand and around 12 km from the airplane terminal.


  • Hotel Sangam


It is situated in the core of the city and gives offices like swimming pool, gathering and dinner corridor, eatery, cash trade, travel office, specialist accessible if the need arises, auto rental, shopping arcade, and so forth.


  • Hotel Taj Garden Retreat


This hotel is hundred years of age and is situated on the Pasumalai hill, at a separation of 15 km from the Madurai airplane terminal. The hotel gives an all encompassing perspective of the Temple City and the Kodai hills. It is just 15-minute drive from the well known Meenakshi temple and city focus.


  • Hotel Madurai Ashok


It is arranged at a separation of 14 km from the air terminal and 4 km from the Madurai intersection railroad station. It gives offices like eatery, swimming pool, meeting offices, café and so forth.


There are various visitor houses in Madurai, which fill in as a decent choice for remaining. Here, you can profit both informal lodging for yourself, in sensible cost.

Restaurants in Madurai

In case you are a foodie and appreciate eating out, at that point Madurai is the correct place for you. Madurai has a large group of restaurants, hotels and street side sustenance slows down. Every one of them are well known for their new and delicious conventional South Indian sustenance . Madurai is renowned for the Jil Jigarthanda, Paruthi Pal, and sugar stick juice. Jigarthanda is a delectable drink made of green growth, drain and sugar. Paruthi buddy is another drink arranged by cotton seeds, flour of crude rice, coconut and jaggery.

There is likewise a unique 'organic product blend' drink that is sold close to the Meenakshi Amman Temple. In Madurai, nourishment is accessible at sensible costs and you can fulfill your apetite very nearly 24 hours per day. Madurai's street side nourishment joints are accessible constantly. The tourists are prescribed to attempt the Dosa and pongal here. There are more than 30 assortment of Dosas accessible here. A portion of the renowned restaurants in Madurai, giving the response to 'where to eat', are

Modern Restaurant

It is well known for its fiery Chili Parantha,garnished with green chillies, lemon and cilantro.

Murugan Idli Shop

It is well known for its steanimg hot idlis and an assortment of chutneys with it.

Arya Bhavan

It is situated on the side of west Masi Street and Dindigul Road. It is renowned for its astoundingly extensive dosa.

Ruby Restaurant

It is situated alongside Ruby Lodge, on the west Perumal Maisury Street. It is the main garden restaurant in Madurai. Scrumptious non-veg nourishment is served here. The baked things served here are the best. It's a mainstream put for a drink and remains open until after midnight.

Temple View Roof Top Restaurant

It is situated in the Hotel Park Plaza and serves non-veg dishes. One can likewise appreciate scrumptious veggie lover dishes here.

Taj Garden Retreat

There are brilliant A la carte suppers in this multi-cuisine restaurant. Smorgasbord is sorted out on Saturday and Sunday nights.

Other great sustenance joints are

  • Madurai Meenakshi Bhavan

  • Madurai Saradha Mess

  • Madurai Muniyandi Vilas

Aside from customary sustenance joints, Cafes are likewise opening up in Madurai. Café Coffee Day has its outlet here, which draws in parcel of "cosmopolitians" in the city. One can likewise enloy fast food at Fast Food openings like Shake Away and Tornado. Hava Valley is extraordinary compared to other "Date Spot" in the city. It is situated on the foothills of Alagarmalai.

Tips for Madurai Journey:

While getting to Madurai, it is exceptionally important to accumulate information about the place you will visit. There are a few precautionary measures that ought to be taken to maintain a strategic distance from any burden amid the journey and additionally the remain. An agenda ought to be set up to ensure nothing is forgotten. The trip ought to be arranged appropriately to guarantee a pleasurable remain. There are some real zones that should be dealt with. We have given some travel tips to Madurai city of Tamil Nadu to ensure that your trip does not get ruined. In fact, these travel tips are adequate for go in any city of India.

  • While you are on your trip to Madurai, the temple city, you won't have an issue, finding a comfortable remain for yourself. The city has various convenience alternatives going from fancy hotels to reasonable guesthouses. You can browse among an extensive variety of choices, as per your need and pocket. Given underneath is some more information on the convenience alternatives in the Madurai city of India.

  • Madurai is situated in South India and is the second biggest city in the province of Tamil Nadu. The climatic states of the place are run of the mill to its area. Down south, the atmosphere is normally hot and sultry. The city is arranged on the bank of the River Vaigai, which adds to its climate. Madurai gets a lot of precipitation consistently, which gives the truly necessary reprieve from the warmth. So those of you who need to encounter the rich social and historical in abundance with delicate cooling showers of the rain, head on; Madurai is sitting tight for you.

Madurai as a rule has a hot and dry atmosphere. In the summers the climate is very sweltering. Therefore it can be somewhat hard to appreciate the place totally. However, amid the winter months the climate is wonderful. It is neither excessively hot nor excessively cool. So the best time to visit Madurai is from October to March. Yet at the same time, on a normal the city can be gone to during the time as it gets uniform precipitation all the year round. Regardless of whether the climate is somewhat sweltering in the summers, you never know when rain may cool you up. Along these lines, tourists rush Madurai round the year.

Correspondence is extremely important with a specific end goal to remain associated. It keeps you in a state of harmony with the pace of the world. There are various correspondence offices accessible in Madurai city of India, to guarantee that you don't linger behind. While journeying, correspondence turns out to be significantly more critical. You can require any information whenever. Correspondence channels connect you with your family, companions and office. In this way, regardless of whether you are progressing, correspondence channels keep you associated.

Cyber Café

An essential method for conveying worldwide is through Cyber café. Regardless of where you will be, you can simply achieve your family and also your office with the assistance of web. You can even recover information identified with your travel, quickly. There are various cyber cafes in the city where you can benefit the office.

  • Web Tower

  • Net Tower

  • Cyber World

  • ABC Internet

  • S.R. PC Academy

  • TamilNad Computers

  • Cyber Club

  • Sunnett

  • Sreenet

  • Netcomm Internet


Mobile Phones

Individuals do utilize mobile phones in Madurai. In case you are a tourist, at that point utilizing mobile telephone gives you versatility. You can keep in contact with the entire world while you are moving, without missing any vital calls.


In the event that you don't wish to utilize a mobile telephone then a PCO/STD Booth is the best alternative for you. You can make both neighborhood and also STD calls from the Booth. ISD call offices are likewise accessible at the vast majority of the Booths. The STD code of Madurai is 0452.

Post offices

However, with the approach of web, individuals don't compose letters any more, there is still a lot of obligation carried by the Post offices. You can simply send messages, cash orders, speed post, enlisted letters and air sends, by means of the post offices.

  • Though Madurai does not offer much to the individuals who love to shop, yet at the same time shopping in Madurai can be courageous. The city is popular for its material industry since long. Along these lines, the best things to buy here are readymade articles of clothing, fabrics and sarees. You will likewise locate various tailors, alongside the piece of clothing shops in the market. The city additionally has craftsmanship shops where individuals can get some great workmanship pieces for their home. The shopping places in Madurai are generally pressed with individuals, particularly amid ends of the week and celebrations.

You can appreciate the bright shops and invest energy anticipating your most loved thing. Since clothes are a claim to fame here, the most celebrated shopping things are cotton fabrics and Batik and Sungundi Sarees, giving a lot of assortment for the Indian lady closet. The best market for cotton is the Prithu Mandapam. It is an old pillared lobby inside the eastern entrance of Meenakshi temple. Here, you can purchase great cotton and batiks, for which Madurai is well known. Subsequent to shopping you can take a load off on the Pottramarai tank and feel the embodiment of the city.

For purchasing handicrafts, you can go to the Handicrafts Emporiums of Government arranged here, which offer handicrafts from all finished India. You can likewise visit the Government Poompuhar Handicrafts Shop, Cottage Arts Emporium and the Madurai Gallery. Here, you can get hand-woven silks and cottons, chime metal lights, bronze pictures, wood and stone carvings. Driving shopping regions of the Madurai city of Tamil Nadu are Chithirai, Avanimoola, Puthumandapam and Thevangu Chetty Choultry.


  • Madurai had been well known for its way of life and customs since the Sangam period. It was the center of the movement and contributed massively to the advancement of Tamil Art and Literature. These qualities are imbued in the general population of Madurai. They are pleased with their social legacy. In this way, with the quick westernization, the general population have not discarded their well-established custom and conventions. The esteem arrangement of the general population of Madurai has a solid establishment.

The general population of Madurai is neighborly, agreeable and legitimate. In Madurai ladies normally wear Dhavani or Thavani (half Sari), and sarees. Salwar Kameez, a North-Indian ethnic wear for ladies, has likewise made advances into the city's masses. In the current circumstances, individuals have additionally begun inclining toward western wear, however they are not mark cognizant. The city does not have the gathering society and workplace of the metropolitan cities. This additionally weights on the way that the general population lean toward simplicity.

In case you are flying out to Madurai city of Tamil Nadu in the late spring months, at that point cotton ought to be the favored texture in clothes. The city has a sweltering and sticky atmosphere amid summers so wearing comfortable clothes is critical. Amid winter months the climate is wonderful and you can try different things with your clothing. Be that as it may, cotton remains the ideal answer for the inquiries 'what to wear in Madurai' or how to dress for Madurai go', in all seasons.

Bangalore to Madurai Taxi Rental Options

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Cabs Per km
Dzire Ac 4 + 1 Seater ₹ 8.00
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Xylo Non Ac 6 + 1 Seater ₹ 10.00
Xylo Ac 6 + 1 Seater ₹ 11.00
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Traveller Non Ac 12 + 1 Seater ₹ 13.00
Traveller Non Ac 13 + 1 Seater ₹ 13.50
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Tempo Traveller Ac 12 + 1 Seater ₹ 15.00
Traveller Ac 13 + 1 Seater ₹ 15.00
Mini Bus Non Ac 21 + 1 Seater ₹ 22.00
Mini Bus Ac 21 + 1 Seater ₹ 24.00
*Price as on 12-nov-2019 and it may vary, so please input the dates to find the exact amount.

Bangalore to Madurai By Car

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Bangalore to Madurai Car Package

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