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A Weekend in Shimoga is the Best You Can Have

Shimoga is locally called as Shiva-mogga. The name shimoga is derived from the term Shiva-Mukha, actually signifying "Face of Shiva". Shimoga District is a piece of normally rich Malnad (Malenaadu) area of Karnataka. Shimoga is a genuine photo of nature's abundance landscapes dabbed with waterfalls, influencing palms and rich paddy fields make for pleasant regions.

Shimoga is 273 kms southwest of Bangalore. Shimoga district is limited by the districts of Chikmagalur toward the southeast, Davanagere toward the east, Haveri toward the upper east, Udupi toward the southwest, and North Canara (Uttara Kannada) toward the northwest. Shimoga district is otherwise called the Rice Bowl of Karnataka state.

Shimoga district comprises of seven taluks specifically Shimoga, Sagara, Thirthahalli, Hosanagara, Bhadravathi, Shikaripur and Soraba. The waterways Sharavathi, Varada, Tungabhadra and Kumudavathi immerse the rich greens of the district. The Sharavathi Hydel Project and Varahi Project give a considerable segment of Karnataka's energy needs. From Bangalore to Shimoga you can reach now very easily. But for that you will need to have the best knowledge of the place so that you can enjoy it to the best extent.


As per conviction, Shimoga or Shivamogga gets its name either from the Shivan-moogu blossoms which are offered to Lord Shiva or from the word Shiva-mukha which signify 'the substance of incredible Lord Shiva'. Another legend goes that the locale got its name from Sihi-Moge which signifies 'sweet pot'. It is believed that once Sage Durbasha cooked some sweet herbs in an earthen container in his ashrama which a cowherd ate and delighted in the taste. The sweet pot is in reference to this earthen container.

Shimoga has a past that goes back to the ancient circumstances. It is believed that the city was possessed notwithstanding amid the Megalithic and Neolithic ages. Vestiges and remainders of the early circumstances were unearthed in 1966 at a place called Guddemarad which is around two km from the main Shimoga. Archeological unearthings have uncovered certain remaining parts in the district which demonstrate that the place was occupied by man since the early circumstances. In 1881, two early stone-age devices were found in a 'Shingle bed' at Nyamati, at a short separation from the Tungabhadra River.

They were bifacial rock instruments made of quartzite, one with an adjusted working edge and the other with a pointed working edge. Various Neolithic locales were revealed at Guddemaradi on the bank of Tunga River close Shimoga city, Nilaskal close Nagar in Hosanagar taluk, Kunda slope close Agumbe in Thirthahalli taluk, Yeddegudde close Thirthahalli and at Ashoka Nagar, Anaveri and Nagasamudra in Bhadravati taluk. Three Iron Age megalithic locales, with various stone monuments, have likewise been found in the district, at Nilaskal in Hosanagar taluk and Shimoga, which have menhirs, and at Arehalli in Thirthahalli taluk, which has portholed entombment chambers. The distinctive lines that held influence here till the eleventh century are the Mauryas, the Satavahanas (third century), the Kadamba tradition, the Ganga line and the Chalukya line (fourth sixth century), the Rashtrakutas administration, Banavasis and Hoysalas (seventh, eighth, tenth and eleventh hundreds of years). The Kalachuris were in control for a brief timeframe in the twelfth century, and they had their capital at Belagutti. In the fourteenth century, the Hoysala control reached an end, and the district turned into a piece of the Vijayanagar Empire. Toward the start of the sixteenth century, the place of Keladi Nayakas (likewise called Ikkeri or Bidnur Nayakas) set up themselves here. There was likewise a little realm of Basavapatna in the east of the district. In 1763, Hyder Ali caught Bidnur, capital of Keladi nayakas, and subsequently, this district alongside different zones of their kingdom was attached to Mysore. After 1799, amid the early time of Wodeyars of Mysore, the Nagar Naujdari included Shimoga and Kadur (now Chikmagalur).

The historical backdrop of Shimoga district along these lines confirms a rich custom of dynastic run the show.

Places to See

Shivamogga is known as social capital of Karnataka. It's a cutting edge, dynamic city with solid social roots and caring individuals. Everybody has their diverse trial of voyaging, some adoration to visit slope stations, some need quiet waterway site to make the most of their occasions. Shimoga has all to fulfill each and everybody's wants. The following are the points of interest of different spots.

Jog Falls

Run Falls is the eleventh most noteworthy waterfall in India and positions 313 most noteworthy in the world. The stream Sharavathi falls into the chasm in four particular streams which are named Raja, Rani, Rover, and Rocket Jog falls lies in Sagar taluk .

Being the most noteworthy waterfall in India,Jog falls is likewise one of the significant vacation spot in Karnataka. Jog Falls is framed by Sharavathi River which falls from a tallness of 253 m.The falls are arranged at a separation of around 100km from the shimoga City. The most astounding of the four is the Raja which falls into 40 meter profound pool.Next to Raja is the Roarer.The name relevantly depicts the immense spurts of water into the air, far far from the rocks. Similarly, Rani is named for its agile stream down the rocks. After the beginning of monsoon, the Jog Falls begin demonstrating its actual colors. Limitless dilute starts spilling out of the falls giving its spectators a dreamlike sight. During the dry season, when can really scrub down in the pool, however amid the wet season the falls are secured with fog ascending from the fall. The best time to visit Jog Falls is amid November to January months, just after the monsoon and before the beginning of the winters.

Kunchikal Falls

Kunchikal Falls is the most astounding waterfall in India and second most elevated in Asia with a stature of 455 meters and positions 116 in the rundown of most elevated waterfalls in the world. This waterfall is close Mastikatte and is shaped by the Varahi River.

Barkana Falls

Barkana Falls is close Agumbe and 80 km from Thirthahalli town. Barkana Falls is the tenth most astounding waterfall in India and positions 308 on the planet.

Achakanya Falls

Achakanya Falls is situated close to a town called Aralsuruli, 10 km from Thirthahalli while in transit to Hosanagara. The falls is framed by the Sharavathi waterway.

Vanake-Abbey Falls

Vanake-Abbey Falls is in the core of Malnad timberlands, 4 km from Agumbe.

The falls are arranged 4 Kms far from Agumbe, The nightfall point in Thirthahalli Taluka. The falls are encompassed by lavish green trees and common excellence.

Hidlamane Falls

This falls is arranged close Nittur in Hosanagar Taluka. To achieve the falls you need to trek the rough slopes encompassed by thick lavish trees. Keep in mind to convey your food items stuff.

Dabbe Falls

Dabbe Falls is situated close Hosagadde in Sagar taluk. In between, Sagar to Bhatkal, Hosagadde lies around 20 km from the town of Kargal. From Hosagadde a stroll of 6– 8 km into the woodland prompts Dabbe Falls

Achakanya Falls

Achakanya Falls 10 Kms from Thirthahalli while in transit to Hosanagar close Aralsuruli you can discover this eye getting water falls. The waterway Sharavathi takes a tremendous jump here to shape this wonderful falls.


Linganamakki Dam

Linganamakki dam is worked over the Sharavathi waterway and is 6 km from Jog Falls. It is the primary feeder supply for the Mahatma Gandhi hydro-electric venture. It has two power creating units of 27.5 MW. The tallness of the dam is 1819 ft above ocean level. Linganmakki dam is the principle feeder repository for the Mahatma Gandhi Hydro Electric Power unit.

Bhadra Stream Dam

Bhadra stream dam is worked crosswise over Bhadra waterway at Lakkavalli at separation of 20 km from Bhadravathi city. The dam was developed by Sir. M. Vishweshwaraiah, the great architect of Karnataka state. The dam for the most part fills the need of water system in and around Bhadravathi taluk and Tarikere taluk of Chikkamagaluru district.

Tunga Anicut Dam

Arranged around 12 Km from Shimoga, Tunga Anicut Dam is a well known decision for cookout among the areas. Vessel ride in the lake is the most loved action that traveler get a kick out of the chance to enjoy, when going by Tunga Anicut Dam. The dam is open from 10 AM to 5 PM on all days. Only 3 Km from the dam is Sacrebyle, which is an elephant camp. The camp houses a few elephants. The best time to visit the camp is at a young hour in the morning when the elephants are washed up in the lake.

B.R.P Dam

Found 28 Kms from Shimoga city close Kuvempu college. The dam is developed crosswise over waterway bhadra and the stature of the dam is 194 ft. There are various islands made by the Bhadra waterway and you can appreciate the watercraft ride around this islands.


Gajanur dam is worked over the waterway Tunga in a town called Gajanur 12 km from Shimoga city.


Tunga And Bhadra

Tunga and Bhadra begins at Varaha mountains. They meet at Koodli and move toward becoming Tungabhadra waterway. Koodli is 16 km from Shimoga city and the Smartha cloister in Koodli was established in 1576 CE by Jagadguru Narsimha Bharathi swami of Sringeri.


Ambuteertha is found 10 km from Thirthahalli on the Thirthahalli-Hosanagara street. Stream Sharavathi begins at this place.


Varadamoola is 6 km from Sagar town. Stream Varada begins at this place. Varada courses through the town of Banavasi before joining Tungabhadra.

Hill Stations


Agumbe is 90 km west of Shimoga city. It is known as the Chirapunji of South India. Agumbe is 830 meters above ocean level. The place is well known for its dusk view. This fabulous nightfall point is otherwise called the Cheeranapunji of south india as it gets the most astounding precipitation in South india. This Picturesque landscope is famous for it's magnificent Sunset. Agumbe, the 'Cheerapunji of Karnataka' gets the state's most elevated precipitation, is around 2 Hrs far from Shimoga, is a stunning town known for its backwoods asset, dusk spots, trekking passes, lakes, mountains. This one is an unquestionable and must visit place.


Kavaledurga is a fortification on a slope 5,056 feet (1,541 m) above ocean level.

Kodachadri Hill

This is the most astounding crest in shimoga District. kadachadri is around 120 km from shimoga this excellent slope station is settled in the western Ghats.

Kodachadri, A grand and captivating mountain gives the ideal escape from the wild pace of the murmur drum of regular daily existence. Heaven for trekkers, the place draws in part of trekkers around Karnataka state. Kodachadri is arranged at 1411 ft above ocean level and 115 kms from shimoga city. A heavenly slope home ignores the all encompassing Western Ghats. It is dressed with awesome evergreen backwoods. The principal bit of the slope is extremely steep and hard to climb. On the west, the slope drops practically opposite for around 4026 ft, meeting the South Kanara woodlands that lie beneath. The ocean shows up very close, and on sunny morning, you can likewise observe the boats pass by. The acclaimed sanctuary town of Kollur is 12 Kms away. The lofty slopes challenges the trekkers for a bold trekking background. In case you need to stay you can go to "Kalyani Chowka" in Nittur and from their to "Nisarga Dhaama". Manjanna dependably will be their for your assistance.


Kundadri is a slope close Thirthahalli. It is acclaimed for its stone formations.On the best approach to Agumbe from Thirthahalli, 9 kms from Guddekeri close Begar you can discover Kundadri slope. A brave place for trekking darlings. You can achieve the slope top by tar street additionally yet its a shaking background In case you stroll up the mountain utilizing the alternate way course. On achieving the best you can discover the Parshwanath Chaityalaya, a stone structure. Kundadri slope is in reality a solitary massive solid shake development with different outgrowths. An unpleasant stone cleared way drives one to the highest point of the slope. From the slope top you can see the turns and turns of the Thirthahalli-Agumbe street. This place is additionally a jain journey focus. Pressing some light refreshments and proceeding onward to rise the slope would be an awesome thought.

Social Legacy

Shivappa Nayaka Palace And Museum

Shivappa Nayaka palace and museum is in the city of Shimoga. The palace was worked by Shivappa Nayaka amid the seventeenth century CE. Kote Seetharamanjaneya temple is close to it.Situated on the banks of stream tunga in the bustling paths of Shimoga city. A decent architectual piece worked with rose wood. The palace is furnished with museum which has several interesting and uncommon archeological collections of stone carvings and collectibles of Keladi period. Recouped symbols of Hoysala and Chalukya period from the mid sixteenth century to late eighteenth century are shown here. Shivappa Nayak Palace Shivappa Naik Palace. Arranged on the banks of waterway tunga in the bustling paths of Shimoga city. The palace is outfitted with museum which has several interesting and uncommon archeological collections of stone carvings and collectibles of Keladi period. Recouped symbols of Hoysala and Chalukya period from the mid sixteenth century to late eighteenth century are shown here.

St.Thomas Church

St. Thomas church, worked in the 1990s and second largest church of Asia, is in the city of Shimoga. It has highlights of Roman and Ghothic styles of architecture.Situated in the core of city. The church redesigned and said to be second largest church in India with a territory of 18000 square feet zone . Likewise furnished with a petition corridor with a capacity to hold 5000 individuals at any given moment.

The Lakshminarasimha Temple

The Lakshminarasimha temple is situated in the Bhadravathi city. It has been worked in the Hoysala style called 'trikutachala'.

Chandragutti Fort

Chandragutti fort is close Balligavi which was worked by Banavasi Kadambas. The Renukamba temple is in this town.


Humcha is a Jain journey put with a Panchakuta basadi which was worked amid tenth and eleventh century CE.54 kms from Shimoga city is a famous Jain Pilgrimage focus. The principle fascination of Humcha is the Padmavathi Amma's temple. The Panchakuta Basadi (Jain temple) of tenth and eleventh Century and Jain Mutt are different spots of interest.

Kedarshwara Temple

The Kedareshvara temple is situated in Kubetoor. It has been worked in the Chalukyan style.

25 Kms from Sorab is Kubetoor, has several old temples known for their structural magnificence, however now in a weather beaten condition regardless it epitomizes the stylish feeling of the administrations that ruled. The Veerabhadra and Durgi are justified regardless of a visit. The Kedarashewara Temple is a Chalukyan compositional show-stopper.

Sri Sigandur Chaudamma Temple.

The chaudamma/chaudeshwari temple in Sigandur in Sagara Taluk. Of note is the "dispatch" which is utilized to get over the backwaters of the Sharavathi stream. This dispatch likewise transports vehicles - including autos and transports and additionally individuals.

City Excursion


Nagara, which was prior called Bidarur, was the last capital of the Keladi lords and later taken by Hyder Ali amid 1763. The Hyder Ali tank, Neelakanteshwara temple and Venkataramana temple are situated in this city.A sixteenth century put arranged 19 Kms from Shimoga. This was otherwise called "Beendanoor"in the sixteenth century. This place was likewise capital of Keladi rulers and later on was caught by Hyder Ali. Different spots of interest are Shivappanaika palace, Neelakenteshwara temple, Devagana tank and Gudde Venkataramana Swamy temple.


was the principal capital of Keladi Nayakas. The place is 6 Kms toward the north of Sagar taluka. At practically the northern end of the town, there is an expansive yard which is encased in modern tiled verandah. Amidst the yard stand 3 temples Rameshvara temple which is in the middle, Veerbhadreshvara temple which is to one side and the Parvati temple which is to one side. The Rameshvara and Veerbhadreshvara temples are a blended example of hoysala and southern or Dravidian style. The Parvati temple is a little building which has old back bit worked of stone and the front modern bit worked of block.. There is likewise an all around maintained Keladi Museum, which has a gathering of copper engravings, palm leaves and coins from Nayaka's period.


arranged 76 Kms to the noth of Shimoga and around 3 kms toward the south of Sagar taluka. The word signifies "Two Streets". This place was the capital of Keladi Nayakas for a few years. The dividers of the city were of extraordinary degree, forming three concentric walled in areas. In the fortress was the palace work of mud and timber, decorated with carvings and false guildings. The main remnant of the former significance of ikkeri is the temple of Aghoreshvara, an expansive and proportional stone-building, built in a blended style with a one of a kind origination. 


kuppalli. birth palce of eminence kannada artist kuvempu (Jnanapitha grant champ) . 18 kms from thirthahally. an unquestionable requirement see put for its regular environment and well kept place of malnad architecture.


Talagunda is a town in the Shikaripura taluk. The Talagunda engraving on a stone column is in Prakrit dialect. The creator of the engraving was Kubja, court artist of Shantivarman.

Honnemaradu About 25 Kms from Sagar town while in transit to Jog falls ,Honnemaradu, a residential area nearby a store, is concealed in the lavish greenery of the Western Ghats along the Sharavati backwaters close Sagar. Incorporating a region of 50 km by 80 km, this repository stretches the extent that the eye can see. Honnemaradu or "Brilliant Lake" has the absolute most marvelous perspectives of the dawn and nightfall. Somewhere down in a forest, without the scarcest hint of civilisation, Honnemaradu is an asylum for stalwart outside fan and also the individuals who need an entire break from the City. Climbing is allowed along streets just, and water crafts are accessible with an enlisted control. Honnemaradu is 8km outside of Talaguppa. A portion of the water sports exercises here incorporate coracling, paddling, kayaking and wind boating. There are many travel bunches who composes Island outdoors and water sports.

An experience put by name Honnemaradu respects the enterprise adoring individuals. The place maintained by Adventurers, Bangalore. . On installment of little sum you get accomodation,food and water wear types of gear. One imperative point to be noted before visiting this place isn't to convey any Alcohol, Gutka, Non-Veg things. This things are restricted in this place.



This histrolical put is arranged 21 Kms from Shikaripura taluka. This place is otherwise called Dakshina Kedara was the capital of Banawasi rulers in the twelfth century. The place is related with several prominent Veershaiva holy people like Allama prabhu, Akka-Mahadevi, Animishayya and Ekantada Ramayya. There are stays of numerous temples, places of worship, mastikals, viragals and nisidigals. Some essential temples are Kedareshvara temple made out of cleanser stone and is a fine example recently chalukyan sort, Tripurantakeshvara temple looking like crafted by belur and halebedu, Prabhudeva temple is a littler trikutchala structure, and so forth..


16 Kms from Shimoga , a place where waterways Tunga and Bhadra grasp and stream together from here, subsequently the name Koodali. A social place with rich legacy and temples around. It has a prominent Smartha Monastery expressed to have been established in the sixteenth century by Jagadguru Narsimha Bharathi Swamigalu of Sringeri. Inside the premises of the matha, there are altars of Sharadamba and Shankaracharya. Outside ,there are two temples of hoysala times devoted to Rameshvara and Narasimha. Koodali is otherwise called Varanasi of the south, it is home to Rushyashrama, Brahmeshwara, Narasimha and Rameshwara temples. The 600 years of age mutt of Shankaracharya still stands with engravings of Hoysala and Okkeri Kings.


arranged in the middle of Soraba taluka and Siddapura. The histrolical place and journey focus of Renukamba. The place was before known as Chandragupta Pura, Chandragutti pete, Gutti pete. 16 Kms from Soraba taluka, 848 mtrs above mean ocean level on a rough mountain bed one can discover this place.


Bhadravathi,a town in the South Indian province of Karnataka is abt 20 Kms from Shimoga. There are many transports to this place and likewise many taxi cabs accessible. Lakshmi Narasimha temple worked by Hoysalas in the thirteenth century is situated in Bhadravathi and the Rameshwara temple based on the banks of the stream Tunga pull in pilgrims from all parts of Karnataka and different states. Pilgrims visit here for darshans of a heavenly plunge in the stream. This lovely Hoysala Architecture temple is at present maintained by the Archeological Department of the Karnataka state. This temple is committed to Lord Narasimha (incarnation of Lord Vishnu). Bhadravathi is around 20 km from Shimoga in Karnataka. Bhadravathi is otherwise called steel town as there is one immense steel industrial facility called Vishweshwaraya Iron and Steel Limited (VISL), prior known as Mysore Iron and Steel Limited. There is a Dam called Bhadra River Project(BRP) which is found 15 Kms from Bhadravathi. It is an exceptionally wonderful dusk point.

Bhadravathi is additionally most conspicuous Industrial focus in Shimoga region. The eminent Sir M Vishweshwaraiah Iron and Steel production line, The Mysore paper Mills and Sugar Factories were harbingers of Karnataka's modern advancement.


35 Kms toward the north of Shikaripura, a place well known for basadis and temples is Bandalika. Here you can discover sculptures and writtings of Rastrakutas and Kadambas period. Different spots of interest are Shantinath basadi, Sahasralinga Temple and Someshwara threemurthy temples.

Different Places of Interest

Kanoor fort

Arranged in the thick forest 50 kms from Jogfalls while in transit to bhatkal, this Fort of Keladi administration was built by Kari Maneesena Rani Abbaka devi (Spices ruler).


5 Kms from Balligave lies Talagunda. Several old engravings are found here. The Pranseshwara temple is an absolute necessity see. Toward the east of Talagunda is "Prabhudeva Gaddige".


8 Kms from sagar, a small village known for its Non-Government Drama preparing foundation called NEENASAM started by K.V.Subanna. The foundation is very much furnished with an indoor assembly room known as 'Dr. Shivarama Karantha Rangamandira'. Customary workshops and instructional courses, finds the place populated by prestigious specialists from everywhere throughout the country.

Around Shimoga city

Religious focuses

There is no lack of temples at Shivamogga however there just a couple of vast, calm and grand temples. The Guddekal temple, Kote anjeneya temple, Bheemeshwara temple, Mailareshwara temple, Raamanna Shreshti stop Ganesha Temple, Ravindra Nagar Prasanna Ganesha Temple, Laxmi temple(vinobanagar) Shankar Mutt are notable ones and Basaveshwara temple in gandhi bazaar, Shivalaya close to veerashaiva kalyana mantapa, veerabhadreshwara temple in chowki matt are religious focuses.

Nearby attractions in the city

Major attraction in the city being the Sacred Heart cathedral which happens to be the second largest church in karnataka.The city has a huge extensive stop called the Gandhi stop where an aquarium is housed. Close-by is the Kuvempu Rangamandira and Ambedkar Bhavan where visit social projects are held. The Shivappanaika palace gives a historical touch to the city. The old Tunga Bridge which is more than a 100 years of age was charged and regulated by Bharat Ratna Sir M Vishveshwaraiah.

Ganapathi Devasthana situated in Ramanna Shreste Park , Basaveshwar Temple situated in Gandhi Bazar, Marikamba Devasthana , Kannika Parmeshwari and so forth are different temples situated inside as far as possible. And it is said that there are at least 21 Ganapathi devasthanas around shimoga city.


In case you are attached to adventure and wildlife this extraordinary compared to other place for you, and you should visit at any rate for once.

The Malnad district is a biodiversity hotspot with a rich decent variety of flora and fauna. The district has secured zones named wildlife asylums to guarantee the insurance of these species:

Gudavi Bird Sanctuary:

Gudavi Bird Sanctuary is in Sorab Taluk. The sanctuary is spread over a region of 0.74 km2 (180 acres).This bird sanctuary is one of a kind for some reasons however is the main sanctuary situated amidst thick forest. Guduvi is one of the 5 celebrated bird asylums of Karnataka. The place is 16 Kms from Soraba taluka of Shimoga region. This bird sanctuary is spread over a zone of 73.68 Hectares. According to 1993 review, it is informed that 191 assortments of birds are found at this place. A characteristic lake and the trees offers asylum to this birds. Some critical birds found are White Pebis, Stone Bill, Egret, Cormorant, Snake bird, Heron and so forth. Distinctive birds move from different parts of the world in various seasons for rearing. A platform is worked for a more intensive look of birds.

A normal of around 8000 white ibis visit the sanctuary consistently.

Sharavathi Valley Wildlife Sanctuary:

Sharavathi Valley Wildlife Sanctuary is in Sagar Taluk. It has evergreen and semi-evergreen forests with its eastern part abutting the Linganamakki reservoir.The species of flora found here: Dipterocarpus indicus; Calophyllum tomentosum; Persea macrantha; Caryota urens; Aporosa lindleyana; Calycopteris floribunda; Entada scandens; Acacia concinna; Gnetum scandens. In the semi-evergreen and sodden deciduous forests, regular species include: Lagerstroemia microcarpa; Hopea parviflora; Dalbergia latifolia; Dillenia pentagyna; Careya arborea; Emblica officinalis; Randia; Terminalia; Vitex altissima.

The creatures found here: gaurs; lion-followed macaque; tiger; panther (dark jaguar); wild dog; jackal; sloth bear; spotted deer; sambar deer; yapping deer; mouse deer; wild pig; normal langur; hat macaque; Malabar monster squirrel; mammoth flying squirrel; porcupine; otters; pangolins. Reptiles incorporate lord cobra; python; rodent wind; crocodile; screen reptile. Avian species found here: three species of hornbill; Asian Paradise-flycatcher; Racket-followed Drongo; Blue-throated Barbet; lories and lorikeets.

Shettihalli Wildlife Sanctuary

Shettihalli Wildlife Sanctuary lies adjoining Shimoga town and has forests going from dry deciduous to semi-evergreen and is spread over a zone of 395.6 km2 (152.7 sq mi). Huge territories of forests have been annihilated because of fire.

Well evolved creatures in the sanctuary incorporate tiger; panther; wild dog; jackal; gaur; elephant; sloth bear; sambar deer; spotted deer; wild pig; normal langur; hood macaque; basic mongoose; striped-necked mongoose; porcupine; Malabar monster squirrel; mammoth flying squirrel; pangolin. Python; cobra; lord cobra; rodent wind; bog crocodile are among the reptiles found in the sanctuary. Birds incorporate hornbills; kingfishers; bulbuls; parakeets; birds; pigeons; kingfishers; babblers; flycatcher; munias; swallows; woodpeckers; peafowl; wilderness fowl; partridges. A tiger and lion safari at Tyavarekoppa was made in the northeastern piece of the sanctuary in 1988.

Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary

Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary was begun in 1951 as Jagara valley amusement sanctuary covering a region of around 252 km2 (97 sq mi). It was joined with the encompassing Lakkavalli forests in 1972 and given its present name of Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary. It now traverses a zone of 492 km2 (190 sq mi). A portion of the wild creatures found in this sanctuary are tiger; panther; wild dog; jackal; elephant; gaur; sloth bear; sambar deer; spotted deer; screen reptile; woofing deer; wild pig; normal langur; cap macaque; thin loris; the Malabar goliath squirrel. A portion of the bird species found here are Malabar shrieking thrush; species of bulbuls; woodpeckers; hornbills; pigeons; drongos; Asian heaven flycatcher. The sanctuary has been as of late embraced under a tiger-preservation venture called Project Tiger which is an activity from the Indian government.

Mandagadde Bird Sanctuary

Mandagadde Bird Sanctuary is a 1.14-section of land (0.46 ha) sanctuary 30 kilometers (19 mi) from Shimoga town while in transit to Thirthahalli. This is a small island encompassed by Tunga waterway. The birds found here are middle egret; cormorant; darter; snakebird. The sanctuary is host to the absolute most sublime birds. The thick forest encompassing and the Tunga River turn out to be extraordinary natural surroundings for the avian visitors. Most usually discovered migratory birds in the sanctuary are the middle egret, the little cormorant, and the darter. They come here amid the beginning of storm and remain here till early October. There is a watchtower in the premises, which makes bird observing more advantageous and continuous. The best time to visit Mandagadde Bird Sanctuary is in August, which is the pinnacle season for relocation. Amid this time there are more than 5000 birds in the sanctuary. To appreciate the best of magnificence and fortunes inside the sanctuary, bring a guide alongside you or request direction from the Forest division.

Sakrebailu Elephant Camp

Sakrebailu Elephant Camp falsehoods 14 km. from Shimoga town while in transit to Thirthahalli. This is a preparation camp where elephants experience preparing from mahouts.

Truly it’s not a joke its reality that you can discover here numerous elephants being prepared via preparing experts. Elephant from the bordering forests bathe at this spot before they re-enter their forest residence. Each morning these glorious animals waddle down to waters and after energetically purged their bodies and satisfied their thirst, they leave the waters before the beams of the sun get more grounded. They are headed toward manage their day's standard just to restore the next day. To get a glimpse of these mammoths at play in the waters, arrive before 9 a.m.

Tyavarekoppa Lion and Tiger Safari

Tyavarekoppa Lion and Tiger Safari lies around 10 km (6.2 mi) from Shimoga town while in transit to Sagar. The safari has lions, tigers and deer.Lion and Tiger Safari is around 11 km from city transport stand while in transit to Sagar town. This place comprises of Zoo and Animals in nature. You can see creatures like Lion, Tigers (which are in bounty), and deer and so forth.

Tyarekoppa Lion Safari is an awesome place to appreciate the unaltered nature and wildlife. Tyarekoppa Lion safari was set up in the year 1988. Forest office sorts out safaris frequently into the profound wildernesses. One gets the chance to see here lions, tigers, cheetah, bear, deer and numerous more grand creatures. Bird viewing is additionally a choice in the recreation center as there are couple of Migratory birds that come here amid the season. The safari covers a territory of 200 hectares, a large portion of which is thick forest.

An adventure put by name Honnemaradu respects the adventure adoring individuals. The place maintained by Adventurers, Bangalore. . On installment of small sum you get accomodation,food and water brandish supplies. Climbing is allowed along streets just, and pontoons are accessible with an employed guide. Honnemaradu is 8km outside of Talaguppa. A portion of the water sports exercises here incorporate coracling, paddling, kayaking and wind boating. There are many travel bunches who sorts out Island outdoors and water sports.


Nature Photography and Hiking are the best activities in this locale which houses a plenty of waterfalls, trekking passes, mountains, perspectives, and hill stations. Additionally it is home to an expansive assortment of wild creatures, butterflies, moths, snakes, and bugs.


At Shivamogga Circuses and fairs are held at normal interims. Many film theaters debut praised motion pictures. A portion of the auditoriums in Shivamogga are Lakshmi, Veerabhadreshwara, Mallikarjuna, HPC, Manjunaatha, Modern, Vinayaka.


Many shops at Shivamogga's generally laid avenues are a Shoppers heaven. The Nehru Avenue [Road], B.H Road, Durgigudi, Balaraj urs Road, Sowlanga Road, Shivappanayaka Market (Now it is devastated and is moved incidentally to taluk office premises), Gandhi Bazaar are the major business focuses of Shivamogga. Fabric and other related things like dresses, saaris and so on., are accessible at less expensive rates than different spots. A large portion of those, however not of global acknowledgment are of good quality.

Different Activities

Those interested in an altogether different culinary experience can visit one of the neighborhood temples for lunch.

Kudali Sangama-14 Kms from Shimoga where Tunga and Bhadra waterways consolidate. It likewise has a branch of the Sringeri Math, Chintamani Narasimha Temple, an uncommon Brahma temple and engravings on stones. There is no shade for visitors and it is additionally similar to a Land's End since two streams are meeting, thus, despite the fact that individuals particularly result in these present circumstances put, there is no place for them to wait on. It is called Kudali Sangama and not to be mistaken for Kudalasangama, as generally this place will appear in all looks for Kudalasangama and add to disarray.


Well known hotels in Shimoga incorporate spending hotels, resorts and guesthouses hotels among others.


Address - B.H street, inverse to vinayaka theater, close K.S.R.T.C. Transport TERMINAL,

  1. SURYA COMFORTS HOTEL.Address - third parllel street, durgigudi, close B.J.P party office, shimoga.

  2. HOTEL SANMAN.Address - third cross, garden zone, neighboring nehru street, shimoga.

  3. Gem ROCK HOTEL.Address - close L.I.C principle branch, durgigudi, shimoga.

  4. HOTEL MATHURA PARADISE.Address - mathura arcade, balraj urs street, inverse to gandhi stop, shimoga.

  5. HOTEL SUNDRA ASHRAYA.Address - close K.S.R.T.C transport terminal, O.T. street, shimoga.

  6. HOTEL SAMRAT ASHOKA.Address - inverse to vinayak talkies, B.H. street, shimoga.

  7. 8HIRUMAL LODGE.Address stop augmentation, shimoga.

  8. HOTEL ASHOKA DELUX.Address - inverse to K.S.R.T.C. transport terminal, shimoga.

  9. HOTEL M.G. PALACE.Address - gopi circle, shimoga.

  10. NAVRATHNA INTERNATIONAL.Address - close manasa nursing home, nearby nehru street, shimoga.

  11. HARAKERE RIVERVIEW FARMSTAY.Address - 6 km from shimoga, harakere village , nh-13, shimoga


Rice is the staple food items for majority of the general population in Shimoga region. The dishes in this locale is to some degree like Udupi cuisine. In any case, restrictive dishes determined to Malenadu are a piece of Shimoga District.

The cooking in the Malnad locale of Shimoga region incorporates things like midigayi-uppinakai (delicate mango pickle), sandige (like pappadum), avalakki (beaten rice) and akki rotti. Havyaka individuals have their own cuisine comprising of such differed things like genesale(sweet made of jaggery, rice and coconut), thotadevvu (sweet made of rice and sugarcane juice) and thambli (a curd arrangement containing different fixings like ginger, turmeric root, jasmine and rose sprouts).

A portion of the well-known Eat outs in shimoga city give information about those different hotels, dishes joints and unimportant shops which provide food the most delectable food items to the general population.

Unadulterated Veg


Address - close govt secondary school, inverse to science field, B.H. street, shimoga.

well known dishes - paadu (dumplings), masala dosa.


Address - close shivamurthy circle, opp nehru stadium, kuvempu street, basavangudi, shimoga.

well known dishes - mallige sit still, gooli bajji, kasaya.

  1. Gem ROCK HOTEL - one of the most established hotels of shimoga.

Address - close B.J.P party office, durgi street primary street, shimoga.

famous dishes - both veg and non veg.


Address - close B.J.P party office, durgi street principle street, shimoga

Famous dishes - veg and non veg.


Address - opp gandhi stop, bajraj urs street, shimoga.

Prevalent food items - veggie lover.


Address - close nehru street, shimoga.

Prevalent food items - veggie lover.


Address-close shivamurthy circle, opp air tel office, close Nehru stadium, kuvempu street, shimoga.

Mainstream dishes - masala dosa, kali dosa, beene dosa.


Address - opp Nehru stadium, savalanga street, shimoga.

Mainstream dishes - prominent among understudies for the dinners.


Address - close to K.S.R.T.C. transport stand, B.H.road, shimoga.

Mainstream dishes - Indian, mainland, Italian, Chinese. both veg and non veg.


Address - close canara bank, Nehru street, shimoga.

Prominent dishes - north indian and frozen yogurts. just veg.


  • As usual, watch your effects in Shimoga and be careful about pickpockets. Take mind while trekking; if the region is new make certain to take a guide and guarantee that the guide is respectable.

  • Eating nearby dishes is incredible, yet eating from occupied foundations is ideal on the grounds that the food items is probably going to be fresher and in this way more secure.

  • Get to Shimoga via prepare. Albeit all around associated by transport, rail transport is presumably most advantageous and comfortable for the majority of overland voyagers. The closest airplane terminal is Mangalore.

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